Do You Think You Have Storm Damage?

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You need an honest evaluation to make sure you don’t file an unnecessary insurance claim.

Please stay off the roof! 

Let our Roofing Experts come handle that.  They are trained in ladder safety and have harness systems for high / steep roofs and even special boots that give maximum traction on the roof.

Hail damage can be hard to spot. 

Our Roofing Experts are trained by the shingle manufacturers to identify hail damage.  They will give you an honest recommendation on what steps to take next.  Filling an insurance claim is not always the best answer.  Sometimes we can do small repairs and you don’t need to file an insurance claim.

What happens if I do need to file a claim?

Our Roofing Experts will walk you through calling in a claim either via phone or your online portal.  Your insurance company will schedule an adjuster to come to your home to provide an insurance scope for the cost of repairs.  We will be on site during this install to ensure the insurance company is fair to you.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate!

Contact Us for a Free Estimate!

We respond quickly to inquiries and will get one of our qualified team members out to inspect your damage or roofing needs. We’ll answer any questions you have and walk you through initiating an insurance claim, too.


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